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Trust is defined as the firm belief in the reliability ,ability, strength honesty and truth of someone or something. It creates effective relationships with parents. Some strategies to build upon are telling the truth, transparency, authenticity, (being honest with yourself and others), being reliable, being consistent about what you do and what you say.


Empathy is the ability to recognise and to some extent to share the feelings that are being experienced by others. The ability to listen to what your community is saying, both verbal and non verbal is key. In some cases silence can be an indicator of a powerful message.


This involves avoiding personal judgements about any member of your community. There are always reasons behind words or actions that you find challenging. Try hard to remove judgemental thoughts, and work to identify the reasons why a person is speaking behaving or acting, and work with them to support issues.


Respect denotes a positive feeling of esteem for a person. It is so important to respect yourself in the first instance. You can then support and respect their thoughts, motivations, values and ambitions.

As Confucius said 'Respect yourself and other will respect you.'