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As Clelia Lloyd Deputy Headteacher at Bedwas Infants School says:

The Foundation of Community Engagement (FCE) is committed to supporting, encouraging, and assisting schools to develop quality community engagement and work towards common objectives, to focus on the needs of people, at all stages of their lives and in all parts of Wales.

Schools will work towards gaining ‘Heart of the Community Award’ (Calon y Gymuned) through a support network created by The Foundation, School Mentors and Foundation Directors who will work with you to develop and elevate community engagement, supporting you to continue your journey towards family and community engagement.

This ‘tool kit’ will support schools and help schools to provide invaluable experiences for young people to achieve success on the learning continuum and provide a vehicle to ensure the National Rights of the Child Charter is central to all our work.
We are looking forward to beginning our journey.

Thank you to Mrs Sophie Dobbs Associate Headteacher at Ysgol Gyfun Tredegar

Our school motto is 'Working Together For Success', and it underpins everything we aim to achieve.
To date, we have built excellent relationships with our local church; local businesses; local artists; Bedwellty Park; Tredegar Town Council; Tredegar Heritage Forum; Coal Field Regeneration Trust; our cluster primaries and much more. As a result of our partnerships, wonderful projects have been developed which have enriched our school community as well as the local community. Some of these projects include:
• Remembrance Day plastic poppy display where we collaborated with the
community and cluster primaries to make a display of poppies made from reused plastic, these were displayed in the grounds of the church & was covered by ITV news.

• The design and planning of 10 the Circle - A working museum for the community and schools to use, in collaboration with Tredegar heritage.

• The design of a series of QR codes about the History of Tredegar that will be placed around the town, in collaboration with Tredegar Town Council.

• Cymru Creations, a local film company have worked closely with the History department to make films such as ‘The Jewish Riots’.

• Coal Field Regeneration Trust, we have been involved in several projects around regeneration of the town.

• Holocaust Memorial workshop was hosted at Bedwellty Park in collaboration with our History department.

These are just a few examples of our community projects.

We look forward to working with Sue Davies and her team at FCE as we strive to further improve our community collaborations and family support strategies. We are certain that by constantly evaluating and using the 'Progress Map for Empowerment', we will be successful at building and sustaining strong relationships with our pupils, their families, and the wider community.