Foundation of Community Engagement

Becoming a Mentor

Research demonstrates that effective schools have high levels of community involvement.
Community and Family involvement can have a major impact on our children’s learning,
regardless of the social or cultural background of the family and is central to developing quality

Our aim at the Foundation is to encourage sustainable and effective partnerships between all
members of the communities of our schools, colleges, and settings.

We will provide relevant knowledge, skills and expertise for staff who lead on Community
Engagement, in schools, colleges and early years providers.

We will provide staff with a structure to enable Community Engagement Coordinators to
become a Mentor for schools undertaking their family and community engagement journey.
Training will be provided, and we will provide participants with an opportunity to review all
new and relevant documentation pertaining to Family and Community Engagement, meet with
colleagues from other schools to develop a networking and collaboration focus to enhance
provision in their own school, review the new Pathway and its impact in school, discuss ways to
improve family and community engagement and work with a range of schools as a mentor and
assessor to ensure we continue to grow the Foundation of Community Engagement and
continue to develop the Community engagement agenda.

The Foundation will

• Support schools, colleges and settings to support families and the community through
the sharing of good practice and The Foundation ‘s ethos.

• Support schools to evaluate and reflect on their community engagement strategies and

• Support staff who manage volunteers to develop their people management skills.

• Support schools in developing a whole school strategy for Community engagement and
learning to enable them to share this with ‘their’ schools.

• Support schools in developing whole school policy and practice.

• Work through the Pathway and Progress Map with schools to highlight how it can
support schools on their journey to developing quality family and community

• Review relevant documentation for use in schools, colleges, and settings.

• Reflect on and evaluate their work to improve themselves in their roles.

• Support schools in overcoming the barriers to Community Engagement.

• Support schools to develop a strategy that promotes Leadership for a self-improving

• Support schools to embed Community Engagement into the school culture.

• Support families help to support their children’s learning.

We would love you to join us as a Mentor as you achieve your Heart of the Community Award. We are so looking forward to working with you